Al Capone's official name was Alphonse Gabriel. He was born in Brooklyn New York. Capone became involved in gang activities at an early age after being expeled from school at age 14. Soon he was viewd by many as a modern day Robin Hood. Soon Capone married Mae Josephine Coughlin who was Irish Catholic.Capone.jpg

It is believed Capone ordered the St Valentienes da massacure in the lincoln park. Capone was convicted on
charges of avoiding paying taxes and was sent to Alcatraz for 11 years. in the final years of his life he suffered physical and brain damage.On January 25 , 1947 he died from cardiac arrest after suffering a stroke.

Al capone will always be rembered for being known as a modern day Robin Hood and being one of the biggest gangsters of all time. his charges were tax evasion which is not paying your taxes. He had a desease but he was still bright in his desease. Al Capone will also always be rembered for escaping Alcaatraz one of the biggest prisons and heavily gaurded of all time.al-capone_2.jpg