The Troubled Life of Al Capone

By Mac Hughes

Al Capone was an American gangster who lived during the Great Depression. After being explled for hitting a femaie teacher in the face.he workerked odd jobs around Brookiyn,such as at a candy shop and a bowling ally .He led a prohibition-era organized crime syndicate.Capones real name was Alphones Gabriel. He was bornin New York city.he lived in a time period of the Great Depressipn.Capone was born on January 17,1899 and died on January 25,1947 from cardic arrest.Capone was convicted on federal prision. He was viewed by many as the modern day Robin Hood. After his inital stint smalltime gang thet included the Jounour Forty Thieves and the Bowry Boys ,Capone joined the Brooklyn Rippers and the powerful Five Points gang based on tower manhattan.