capone-mug-shot.jpgAl Capone

By:Robert Howard

In this roport I will be telling you about Al capone(scar face) one of the greatest gangstars of all time.Al capone was a gangstar in the 1930's he was born in brooklyn,New York on January 17,1899.He died of heart faliure on January 25,1947.In this report we will show you most of the major events that happend in capones life.

Al started his ganstar career in chigago illinios in one of jonhy kattoros gang's.Johny retired and al took over, in this report I will refer to Al capone as scar face because when he had three scars on his face so everyone started calling him scar face and eventually scar face became his niick name.Scar face quikly became vary famose and every where he went the press wanted to follow him.He grew vary famouse for orginized crime, which he never was found guilty of comiting but we have resently found proff that he did.He was also famouse for illigal bootleging which is illigal alchol.One day scar face had been hunted down by one theleader of capones rival gang and capone saw him and orderd his three men to take out/kill the leader and 7 other of his men which hes men did but the leader managed to escape,This was callled the very famouse St. Valentines day massacer.Scar face was one of the best at protecting himself he had a bullet proof car made just for him self which was taken from him by the federal police and given to the president.Scar face was finally found gulity of tax evasion and was sentenced to an 12 year prision sentence in alcatraz.Capone was realeased for good behavior after spending 8 years in alcatraz.

Al Capone will always be knowen for the grusem crimes he commited.He will also be remembered for gammbeling and bootlegging.Al Capone was truly one of the greatest gangstars of all time.thank you for reading my report o all capone I hope you injoyed it.