The grapes of wrath cover

The Grapes of Wrath Written
to show the hardships of this time
(written in 1939)

The 1930s...possibly the bleakest time in history. Jobs slipping through Americans fingers. Homes forcloseing. People starving. It was as if hope no longer exsisted. This is the time period the art industry became immensely important to Americans. It kept them happy and helped them forget their troubles. Music, paintings, movies, and liturature was also used to illustrate how hurt what economy we had was, for exsample, The "American Gothic" (bottom right) was painted by Grant Wood in 1930 to symbolize how your average American lived. At this point, computer animation was just staring up. At this time, Walt Disney was able to create that cheerful mouse we know and love today........MICKEY!!!!!!!! He stared in his 1st cartoon "Steam Boat Willy" in 1930. He made everybody laugh and be happy.
"American Gothic" painted by Grant Wood

"American Gothic" painted by Grant Wood


Another method people used to sheild out all the hoplesness of the tradigy happening all around them was music. Listening to the jazz on the radio was spirit-lifting not to mention free. Jazz was growing big in this era. The picture below is of Cab Calloway. A famose jazz artist whos music incouraged people to get up and dance! Another imprtant event linking to music is in 1931 when America officialy adopted "The Star Spanngled Banner" as our national anthem! Other uplifting jazz artist that became well known included men such as Benny Goodmen, Fletcher Henderson, W.C. Handys, and Hoagy Camichell. Again, technology was enhansing at a rapid pace. In 1932, Bell Labs created the 1st working streo! In 1935, Adviox Music Co. invented the 1st bass guitar, and Bill Board Music Published the 1st music chart in 1936!
Cab Calloway

Movies and books

Movies and books ,like art, were used to either express the creaters emotions or for just plain entertainment. In 1931, C.B.S network became one of the 1st regularly schedualed brodcasting networks in the U.S. In 1938, Marvel Comics was founded, that same year, they relesed the very 1st Superman comic! Of corse, this was good news for young boys! In 1939, Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz was produced. Technology had allowed both of these films to run longer time periods and(in The Wizard of Oz's case) finally be in color! Also in 1939, The Grapes of Wrath was published. Written by John Steinbeck, this novel(Above) was written to show the hardships of so many Americans.

The Wizard of Oz
So, as you can see, that one faithful Friday when the stock market crashed, would change America forever. But at least hope was only the flick of a switch, the turn of a page, or the push of a botton away. Whether you wanted to get up and dance, or just have a good laugh to help you forget the bitter truth and obsticles lurking outside your door.