Baby Face Nelson by Austin Clark typed :10/19/11-

My section of the time line is about Baby Face Nelson, otherwise known as Lester Joseph Gillis. The period he lived in in was the early 1900's,and his occupation was a gangster. I will be speaking about the birth, life, and death of Baby Face Nelson as well as the occupation and important occasions in his time period.

Baby Face Nelson was born in 1908 on the west side of Chicago,Illinois. He was not just the average everyday gangster either. He was sent to jail many times and escaped. He helped John Dillenger in the famous wooden pistol escape. Then Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson teamed up in a gang,but he was kicked out because of his overly cruel ways of killing and torturing People. Later, he teamed up with John Dillenger, but John was killed by two FBI agents, leaving Baby Face public enemy number one! While normal gangsters killed people to protect themselves, he would go out of his way to murder random citizens off the street! He killed more FBI agents in the line of duty than any other person in history.One day Baby Face Nelson and his partner in crime,Mr. John Paul Chase were making their getaway after robbing a bank Two FBI agents pulled over and opened fire at them. The criminals got out and Baby Face pulled out a machine gun. Even when he had been shot multiple times in the chest by the agents, he still kept firing the gun. Baby Face killed one of them but the other one escaped the legendary Battle of Barrington. Baby Face Nelson crawled away, and the next morning they found him lying in a ditch in a cemetary dead. He died on November 27,1934, making him 25 years old. This is important to the time period because he was the number 1 public enemy at the time.

In conclusion, Baby Face Nelson was the classic American gangster. He was one of the most notorious criminals in history.What lead him to his poor choices in life are things we can't describe. he was the worst of the worst. He was truely one of the most evil and "baby faced" criminals of them all.

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