Baby Face Nelson By Luke West Baby Face Nelson born Lester M. Gills was born December 6, 1908in Chicago Illonis. Baby Face was a gangster, bank robber, and all in between. At age 12 he was accedentaly arrested for shooting a kid in the jaw with a gun he found and then was caught joy-riding. He was sent to a penalty school for 18 months. Nelson worked at Standerd Oil. Then he joined a gang called the strippers and they would be robbing houses for a while. One of the robbed house was the house of Charels Mricher. They taped him to a chair cut the phone lines and made out with 25,000 dollars. April 21 1930 he made a bank robbery and got 4,00 dollars. Febuary 1932 escaped jail during prison transfer later John Dillanger joined the gang of Nelson. July 22 1934 Nelson was made public enemy #1. Nelson and his wife Hether were driving when 2 agents came after them. They swerved into Barrington where the car caught fire. 30 people watched as Baby Face got out and stated open fire with his gun. But agent Crowlly was firing back. Finally Baby Face Gave Up and late that night Baby Face Nelson Died. He is now burried at River Gove. CLICK ON THE ARROW TO SEE A VIDEO OF BABY FACE


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