Zach Turner
4th Period


The great depression was 1929-1933. The roaring 20's (when most people were very stable financially) was like a match that lit the great depression's bomb. Black Tuesday was October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed that day and anyone who had unwisely borrowed money for large stocks were broke. Some people were able to get their money out of the banks before they closed. Others were not so lucky. The market lost 30 BILLION dollars in just two days! Suicides increased by 30 percent. And people stole from garbage cans and the like to get enough food to last them that day. There was another reason for the Great depression other than the stock market, unequal income. So, high payed people were mostly struck by the stock market but, low payed workers would buy things on credit. Causing them to get all loans taken away during the Black Tuesday leaving them with no money.