Christine Resultan
1929 - 1940

This paragraph will discuss the importance of the Hoovervilles. This all happened in late 1929 to early 1940s. We will be exploring the important events in chronological order and the rise of "shanty towns" or Hoovervilles. We will also discuss the lives of the men and women who lived there. Not only
that, we will be discussing how they got to this state and what they lived in was like. Another thing that will be covered is who these awful places got their name from and why. Here are some photos to give you a perspective of how awful they were.


The importance the Hoovervilles took was how they made a home for those without one. An important event that caused all of this is first the stock market crash then president Hoover not doing anything. During the year it all happened these "shantytowns" were built and used. But about a decade later in
1940 the Depression healed and the Hoovervilles seemed to slowly disappear. This was significant to the depression because if they didn't have these many people would be living on the street even more would be dying at that time.
The Hoovervilles impacted the course of history by showing the poor side of the U.S.

The Hoovervilles who got their name from the not so popular President Herbert Hoover started in late 1929 to early 1940.
These put a lot of stress on the homeless because they were so awful. Then these special relief programs that lasted from 1933 to 1935 came and made relief to those who are homeless and live in the planks of wood they call a shack! But unfortunately these didn't last enough to actually help with the health conditions they were in. Also, These shacks shouldn't have even been called shacks. All they were, were tin roofs and wooden walls. Inside maybe a blanket for a bed if not a wooden plank, a small stove and a very tiny tin table, all dirty and grimy with dust. A lot of times they had to work in the fields for about 2 cents and 1 fruit and veggie for their own family. And instead of getting enough food for everyone in their family they would have to spend a lot of their money in a local market instead of medical expenses or things they need in their home.

Overall, this place could have been the worst thing they have ever seen heard about or lived in. It is sad that that some may have lived the rest of their lives in such a horrible place. It is also sad that the children could have grew up a lot of their lives in there and some die at such an early age due to such harsh conditions. Many froze to death and many died of sickness and some died of things like heat stroke. All that can be said that is good about the hoovervilles is that they provided shelter and a roof to go under in a storm.