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Brianna Daly
5th period
Al Capone

Al Capone was a very famous gangster in the 1930's. He lived in the time period of the great depression and he was considered to be for many, a modern day Robin Hood, but he didn't give to the poor...In the next two paragraphs I will be talking about Al Capone,his life, and his family. In the third paragraph I will be concluding my report by closing up
the infamous life of Al Capone.

Alphonsus Gabriel Capone was born January 17th, 1899. He was expelled from school at the young age of 14, but he was in the 6th grade.
He was expelled for hitting his woman teacher in the face, and after being expelled he dropped out of school. He worked several ''odd'' jobs
growing up in Manhattan, including working at a candy store, a bowling alley, and several bars and night clubs. His nickname is ''Scarface'' because one night while working
the door at a club he told a woman that she was ugly, but that wasn't very smart because her big brother was standing there, and he kindly provided
the scars that earned him his nickname by slashing him in the face several times. He married an Irish Catholic girl named Mae Coughlin, and shortly before their marriage their son, Albert Francis ''Sonny'' Capone was born. Al Capone was part of many gangs as an adolescent and as a grown man.

Al Capone committed numerous crimes including illegal gambling, bootlegging(or illegal alcohol), and murder (including the Saint Valentines Day Massacre.) The Saint Valentines
Day Massacre is the event on Febuary 14th, 1929 when Al Capone led the event, even though he was conveniently in Florida at the time. The gang killed seven people
and he STILL GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!!!! In the end what he got arrested and convicted of tax evasion!!! The man who caught him was his famous pursuer, F.B.I agent
Eliot Ness who put him in prison for 11 years. Now that's a long time! Shortly after being released for good behavior he died in his home in Florida of heart failure. That was
the story of the famous gangster Alphonsus ''Scarface'' Capone.