Matthew Brown
Art of the 1930s

There were various types of art in the 1930s, including music, movies, and drawings and paintings. Each of these topics will be discussed in these paragraphs. Art was a very important thing in the
life of people in the years of the great depression. Though times were tough on the economy, the
people could find money to have art in their lives. I hope you learn something about the art of the great

The decade of the 1930s was called the "Golden Age" for Hollywood studios. Most of the classic movies came
out in this time preriod. They called movies without sound "moving pictures" and ones that had speech "talkies." These are what we now call movies. Some of these movies are Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Little Princess, and The Wizard of Oz. Also during this time period, photography played a huge role in life. There was also a lot of classic American scene paintings done in the great depession time.
Aother famous art for this time period was music, and the most famous music for this time was jazz.
One of the best was Cab Calloway and the Cotten Club Orchestra. Another type of popular music
was swing music. This music is also referred to as swing jazz because swing is a type of jazz. This style of music was created in 1935 in the United States of America. Swing uses rythym. The usual instraments played in swing are bass, drums, saxphones and the usual jazz instaments.
A lot of movies we know and love today were created in the 1930s. Also, one of the most famous types of art, American scene painting, and a popular type of jazz, swing jazz, were invented. As you can see, all these different types of art helped create a little bit of joy in the 1930s.