If you are a person who is obsessed with art or really enjoy being creative your might want to keep reading. Throughout these next few paragraphs your mind will fill with information about the Art in the 1930's. You will find fun filled information about different kinds of art such as, finger-painting, oil paint, and just regular old paint. Life during the Great Depression was very hard, so most of the paintings were overflown with sadness. You should enjoy reading these few paragraphs, because they will teach you more about art and how people in the 1930's used it.

Art in the 1930's

In the 1930's people wanted art that was useful; something that they would enjoy. Art was and still is used for entertainment. Since the Great Depression had cause problems for the earth, people tried to find a way to from their sadness and express their feelings through images. Different painters had different stories in their portraits. Painting was a way to express yourself through the great use of colors and images. Finger painting had been recently discovered in the 1930's. Artist use different techniques to get the word or message around. Most of the Artist use different paints such as, oil paint, watercolor, charcoal, and etc.There were many great artist in the 1930's such as, Grant Woods and Edward Hopper. Artist were used in other ways besides painting, such as influencing other people. Painting styles or painting techniques were not much different compared to our present art. The art in the 1930's were already mature, which led to more mature artworks to our time. The artworks back then were mostly depressing due to the Great Depression.


Learning about the 1930's was a great experience. I learned that art was and still is very important. I also learned that art was a way of expressing yourself; telling the world how your feel. My reflection on this is that art is more important than I thought, also art is not just colors and images, it is more of just telling the world your message; like writing a letter in pictures. :-D