Lester Joseph Gillis was borne December 6, 1908. From the time he was a young boy Lester was known as a trouble maker. At the age of 13 Lester started out in crime as a petty thief working for Al Capone. He was known as a heartless and ruthless gangster. By the age of fourteen Lester was a well known car thief. He was convicted of theft and sentenced to 18 months in a boys home.
In 1930 Lester robbed his first bank, this was just the beginning of a short but violent crime spree. In October of 1930 Lester robbed the wife of the Chicago mayor whom would later describe him as "being a young looking man with a baby face" earning him the nickname Baby Face Nelson. In November of 1930 Baby Face Nelson committed his first murder, a stockbroker in Summit Illinois. Baby Face continued his crime spree until he was arrested in 1931, he escaped less than one year later during a transfer. Baby Face fled to Reno Nevada where he met a well known bank robber in the Midwest, Eddie Benz. Baby Face teamed up with Eddie to commit his first major bank robbery in Grand Harbor, Michigan on August 18,1933. Later that year Baby Face started his own gang, robbing the First National Bank of Brainerd Minnesota. After a successful getaway Baby Face left the Midwest for Texas were he would get more guns and find new recruits. Baby Face didn't stay long in Texas, he headed back to the Midwest to continue robbing banks. In March of 1934 Nelsons new gang robbed a bank in South Dakota. Baby Face injured a police officer with a machine gun leaving the crime scene.
Baby Face Nelson was in Wisconsin when the FBI tried to capture him and his gang members. Baby Face escaped shooting two agents in the process and killing another. Baby Face Nelson became a top priority for the FBI. In November of 1934 Baby Face stole a car at gunpoint, two men were killed in the process. On November 27,1934 Baby Face Nelson was shot 17 times in a shootout with the FBI. He managed to escape to his safe house were he diede later that night with his wife by his side. Baby Face Nelson was known as public enemy number 1. He killed more active FBI agents than any other person in history.