savannah lawson
Black Tuesday
1929,Otober 24th

I will be telling you about black tuesday.This spacific day occured in 1929 October 24th.When the stock market crashed becaue of the great depression that afffected alot of people because the stock market crashed and nobody had money to buy anything because their jobs werent paying them enough money and places began to run down the great depression is what caused this horrific thing to happen.Then later on in the great depression the day came along which people called Black Tuesday which i will be telling you about right now in my next paragraph.

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This crash signaled the begining of the 12 year great depression.It affected all western industrialized countries.This occured in 1929 October 24th.Then the day came that they called Black Tuesday stock market.Prices began to decline in September and early October.The stock market crashed in 1929.On October 18th the market went into free hall this crash was the biggest financiel crisis of the 20th century.The 1929 crash brought the Roaring twenties shuddering to a halt.This caused fear mixed with a vertiginous dosorientation.Anyone who bought stocks in mid 1929 and held onto them unfortunatly watched their life pass by.On October 24th, Black Tuesday stock market shared prices on the New York stock exchange whick abruptly fell.In mid summer of 1929 about 300 million shares of stock were being carried out on margin.Black tuesday was a day of chaos.
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Black Tuesday was very depressing for many families especially those who did not have very much money before this day even camme along.After this day there was alot of the population gone because people didnt have money to buy food to survive or cloths or jobs.That affected alot people.I thought this was a very fun thing to learn about and now i kinda know how these people felt and how over woumed they must have been.Do you think you could ever survive Black tuesday or even the 12 year great depression?
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